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  First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn a little more about me and my services.

My name is Pete Klassen and I am a voice talent with 9+ years of professional experience in a wide variety of voice and language oriented projects. I've had an interest in singing and narration since a very young age and have always been involved in one form of vocal art or another be it recording or performing.


  I graduated from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada in 2012 at the top of my class and received an undergraduate degree in Communication and Culture with a focus on East Asian Linguistics. I took many courses in literature, the arts, and world music to round out my post secondary education. Upon the completion of my degree I promptly moved to Tokyo, Japan where I enrolled in voice training classes, acting school, and performance training for the Japanese entertainment industry. I was employed by a private international primary school where I taught English to children until I got my big break in an annual event called CLASSIC ROCK JAM among some of the top vocalists and musicians in the Japanese rock music industry. This opened up many doors for me and soon I found myself working regularly for an agency that would put my singing and narration into numerous television commercials, web advertisements, and video games.

  I continued to expand my experience and client base taking part in narration jobs for a voice recognition software research project, appearing on television talk shows and variety programming, vocabulary recordings on digital educational materials for young Japanese learners of English, and toured Japan and parts of Europe as the lead vocalist for Japanese musical acts. With my experience growing, I also ventured out into writing lyrics and scripts for TV commercial jingles, video game soundtracks, and took part in pronunciation direction for other Japanese singers and narrators when they required help with grammar and pronunciation. I am fluent in both English and Japanese and my work has been a combination of both.

  In September of 2018 I returned to Canada with the intent to continue my career as a voice artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and am always happy to work with new and existing clients around the world to achieve the wide variety of vocal and lyrical demands required for their projects.

  Please do not hesitate to contact me for inquiries, booking requests, and general information. I always look forward to providing my clients with top quality work at an industry standard rate and reasonable turnaround.


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